Website ranking – OPTIMIZATION (SEO and HEO)

Does Your website wander at the high sea of the Internet?

We have maps and compasses. Hand the rudder over to us to guide it to the safe harbor - browsers' first page!

Website ranking implies taking series of steps to get the best website positioning on Internet browsers (primarily GOOGLE). That would, in effect, be an advertising campaign on the Internet.

If Your website does not appear on the first page when searched for Your key words (e.g. Your assortment) there is close to no point in its appealing look, for all of the potential clients who search for what You offer, and are not familiar with You - most likely will not find You.

The search is mostly done after reaching for those first ten firms on the first page.

The clients who are already familiar with You do not need the website to reach You - they could do so by the email or telephone.

SEO website optimisation   (Search Engine Optimization) implies multiple actions on the website, along with those outside of it, to get the best positioning on the browsers.

Website ranking improvement on the leading browsers, primarily GOOGLE, will bring You more visitors, and, by that, more potential job offers.

HEO website optimisation  (Human Eye Optimization) briefly said implies synchronizing colors, website content and element layout in a logical and harmonious whole, so it becomes 'pleasant for the human eye', easy to use and and understand.

After all, websites are made for people, not for some browsers' robots, web spiders (spiders, crawlers) etc.


One key word or phras
= 50,00 €/month

Two key words or phrases
= 80,00 €/month

Three key words or phrases
= 100,00 €/month

Important: Ranking pay only after the realization, ie, if you make a deal with you, we begin to "push your site" forward, and only when it appears on the first page for the agreed keyword begins to run for one year (contract is concluded for one year days).

Author: Alexander, FactorySites!

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